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                  Welcome to Smart Blanket
                  Service:+86-571-64173510 / 64173501
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                  About Us

                  Smart Cashmere


                  Social responsibility
                  The company regards environmental protection as one of its social responsibilities. The enterprise adheres to the development goal of leading by technological innovation and aiming for green development, and applies the development concept of low-carbon and green environmental protection to the actual production and operation process. In terms of technological innovation, the company's annual R&D investment is not less than 5%; In terms of low-carbon and green environmental protection, the company has transformed from a coal-fired boiler to a biomass boiler with low sulfur content. Since last year, the company has increased investment and improved to a natural gas boiler with low nitrogen content. This continuous improvement has increased the company's gas consumption costs to a certain extent, but has added a force to emission reduction. In terms of electricity, the company also uses clean energy and uses photovoltaic power generation. In the actual production process, all dyeing and chemical additives used are environmentally friendly and easy to degrade. In the future, we will continue to work hard, adhere to the concept of technological innovation and green development, and strive for a low-carbon and environmentally friendly green development strategy!

                  Employee care
                  The company deeply appreciates the efforts and contributions made by all Saint Mart employees for the company, so we provide the following benefits to the company's employees:

                  01. Provide employees with accommodation and living facilities, as well as commuting buses
                  02. Provide employees with paid annual leave and other rest and vacation benefits
                  03. Handling social insurance for employees, etc
                  04. Provide regular physical examinations and occupational disease examinations for employees
                  05. Provide employees with traditional holiday benefits and wedding and childbirth gifts
                  At the same time, the company strictly protects the personal and property safety of employees, guarantees their freedom of life, speech, religious belief, etc., safeguards their legitimate rights and interests, and ensures that employees are treated fairly and respected. The company hopes to create a harmonious work and living environment for every Saint Mart employee.

                  Creating a high-tech characteristic corporate culture
                  Under the leadership of Party building, the Party, Industry, and Youth League work together to deepen the construction of Saint Mart's corporate culture. Through rich communication carriers and the creation of diverse employee activities, Saint Mart internalizes the concept of corporate culture in the heart, externalizes it in action, and solidifies it in the system, laying a solid foundation for the development of the enterprise. The company has a rich carrier of corporate culture communication, creating a distinctive cultural label of the company. The publicity platforms such as the Santa Marte website, WeChat official account, elevator TV, and poster bulletin board closely focus on the central work of the company, publicize the company image, take the initiative to speak, promote the main theme of corporate culture construction, and enable the majority of cadres and workers to integrate their ideas into the overall situation of enterprise reform and development.

                  Strengthen the construction of corporate culture work mechanism:
                  In terms of organizational leadership mechanism, the company has established a corporate culture leadership group, which is fully responsible for promoting the construction of corporate culture. In terms of work operation mechanism, collaborate to develop the "Corporate Culture Construction Plan" and regularly revise it in a rolling manner to ensure that the construction of corporate culture is organized, planned, and promoted step by step. The company will incorporate the construction of corporate culture in various units into the scope of management performance evaluation, gradually moving towards standardization and institutionalization of corporate culture construction.

                  Pay attention to keeping up with the times in corporate culture and strengthen employees' sense of identification with corporate culture:
                  The company has established the core values of "creating value for customers, seeking development for employees, achieving returns for shareholders, and taking responsibility for society", and proposed the corporate spirit of "pragmatism as the foundation, innovation as the soul", which is deeply rooted in people's hearts and minds.

                  Contact Us
                  Hangzhou Smart Blanket Co.,Ltd. / Hangzhou Smart Cashmere Products Co.,Ltd.
                  Address: No.72 North of Jianbei Road Qiantan Town, Jiande Zhejiang
                  Tel:0571-64173510 / 64173501 /13958027366
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