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                  Welcome to Smart Blanket
                  Service:+86-571-64173510 / 64173501
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                  Smart Cashmere

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                  Product R & D

                  Over the years, the company has been focusing on product development and the construction of innovation platforms, with an annual R&D investment of no less than 5% to ensure the development of new products and the improvement of product quality. Develop nearly a hundred varieties annually for customers to choose and sell. Enable the company to gradually improve in the industry's incentive competition. The characteristics and noble quality of cashmere make consumers love it. However, the expensive prices have deterred consumers, and the production of cashmere is low and expensive. Developing cost-effective alternatives to cashmere fibers has always been the pursuit and goal of technology workers in the cashmere industry. After years of dedicated research by our technology workers, the wool has been carefully selected and treated with special techniques, resulting in the quality of the wool fabric reaching the level of cashmere. It has received recognition from the industry and unanimous praise from customers.

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