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                  Welcome to Smart Blanket
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                  Quality Control

                  The company strictly implements production in accordance with national and industry standards, and checks product quality layer by layer. The characteristics of cashmere are its sticky and smooth feel, gorgeous luster, and strong warmth retention performance. Therefore, the company has been focusing on reflecting the quality of cashmere products. During the dyeing process, cashmere fibers are corroded by dye additives, which can affect their luster and feel. When designing the process, especially the dyeing process, we will consider the factors of destruction and use a gentle process for treatment. Control the quality of the finished product, such as temperature, time, and the performance of additives, to fully reflect the sticky and smooth feel and luster, making the quality of the finished product more high-end and luxurious. We strictly inspect the finished products before leaving the warehouse, ensuring that each roll of fabric is tested for strength, weight, color fastness, and contrasting colors. Samples are kept for each roll of fabric for inspection, and quality is not relaxed at all times.

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